All about Royad

The ROYAD brand seamlessly marries stylish plumbing solutions with structural dependability in a unique, refined aesthetic. Our engineer stays at the forefront of technology and design by providing you only the newest and most stylish products on the market in an array of finishes. Our experts know that only the best design and highest quality materials can meet the way you live your life.

When you choose to bring a ROYAD product in your home, you are instantly creating a level of sophistication, confidence and strength that only ROYAD can deliver. Guaranteed to meet your needs and your style- the majority of products include a limited a lifetime warranty.

With over 15 years combined experience in the industry, ROYAD has immediately established its reputation by delivering sophisticated and affordable kitchen and bath products with exceptional quality and extraordinary innovation. Each and every product goes through rigorous tests and trials to ensure that only utmost quality and performance is delivered to your home. Many of our products are certified and mandatory industrial standards. We strive for perfection, and know every kitchen and bath deserves the best.